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Welcome to Zero Company

We would like to welcome you to our website.  Please feel free to peruse our various webpages via the above navigation bar.  

As we are new to website construction, any suggestions or constructive criticism is welcome.  If you're looking to become a member, please check the Application Process thread.  If you're already a member, welcome back!

Thank you sincerely,
Zero Company

New Crew Skills Forums

Elias Marr, Dec 30, 11 1:06 AM.
We encourage all members to check out the new Crew Skills forums.
Please use these to state your crew skills in the List your Crew Skills thread, discuss various Crew Skills, make Crew Skill requests, share any recipes you believe is important, etc.

Please don't be afraid to post in the other threads as well!

Four New Polls Are Up!

Elias Marr, Dec 29, 11 11:48 PM.
Four new polls are available.  

The first poll asks members to vote on desired Voice Chat Service Provider.  We would like to have some medium for members to converse while playing the game, whether they are PvEing or PvPing.  Please select any provider you would prefer to use.  We are currently leaning towards Ventrilo since it is one of the most utilized services, but we are interested in seeing what you all would like.

The second poll asks members to vote on a night in which they would like to group together for PvP.  We plan on PvPing on a regular basis, but we hope to designate a night in which members can attempt to log in and PvP together.  It seems as though you cannot join as an OPS group, but you can join in groups of four.  Please vote for any nights you would be interested in and available to PvP.

The third poll asks members to vote on a night in which they would like to group together for PvE content via Flashpoints.  We also plan to PvE in Flashpoints on a regular basis; but like in PvP, we want to designate a night in which members can attempt to coordinate groups.  Please vote for any nights that you would be interested and available to meet up and run chain Flashpoints.

The fourth poll is with regards to PvE raiding via Operations.  While Zero Company is still in its infancy, we will eventually reach a point in which we have enough members at the cap to begin raiding.  This is one of the most crucial polls to coordinate properly, since we will be needing 8 members to simultaneously sign on and coordinate their efforts.  This poll is subject to change in the future, but I would like to get a beginning idea of what days members are currently available.  We understand that your schedules may change; thus, we may have to reform this poll at a later date.  Regardless, we would like to get a beginning idea.  Please select all days that apply (we will most likely begin with one day of specified raiding as there is only one raid currently in game, but this may expand into additional days if enough members are available and enough content is provided). 

Thank you all for your continued support and patience as we get this guild into full force!

First Zero Company Member to Hit 50!

Elias Marr, Dec 29, 11 11:30 PM.
We would like to give a special congratulations to Bolt for being our first member to reach the game's level cap at 50!

We are glad to have you with us, and congratulations on your achievement!

Zero Company Taking Down Hammer Station

Elias Marr, Dec 21, 11 5:06 PM.
Three of our members, Elias, Tallyn, and Yoccar, take down the last boss of the Hammer Station Flashpoint.
Good run!



Elias Marr, Dec 17, 11 3:16 AM.
We encourage you all to, whether running solo or in a group, to take screenshots of events, occurrences, or scenery that you find interesting and would like to share with the guild.

Contact either Tallyn or Elias, and we will upload it to our Photostream.
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